Economic Growth

I will work to remove barriers that impede the free market. I will explore ways to create incentives for research and development industries to locate operations in Mississippi, focusing on those companies who will develop business partnerships with our colleges and hiring our graduates. I pledge to maintain law suit abuse reform in order to make Mississippi a business friendly state. We need to keep our taxes low so Mississippians’ keep more of what they earn.

Smaller Government

Government is complicated with all its bureaucracy, accountability is not. We need to hold our government responsible for its actions. We can do so by applying a common business sense management approach to running the government. We should look to reduce the size of government by redesigning and reforming our government programs and services, cutting waste and increasing efficiencies. It’s okay to say NO to government spending.


Mississippi’s future is its children. We should invest in their potential by instituting pre-K programs and rewarding good teachers. I support creating flexibility to allow for non-traditional educational needs such as work-force training. I pledge to work to fully fund DeSoto County Schools including “high growth” funds. I will work to transform our education system so that our children and teachers are equipped, prepared, and free to make their own choices, and pursue their own dreams.

Conservative Values

I believe strongly in defending our Christian beliefs, protecting the lives of the un-born, supporting the Second Amendment, and enacting and enforcing illegal immigration reform.